What Are Enzymes and how we can use them?

Enzymes make metabolism possible. Enzymes are defined as protein catalysts because they are made up of amino acids the same as proteins. A catalyst is a substance that triggers a chemical reaction so that it might proceed under different conditions such as at a lower temperature. For example, air is a catalyst for fire. Enzymes are the catalysts for the biochemical reactions in living organisms.

Enzymes occur naturally in all living things. They are important in all systems of your body…digestive, nervous, respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, urinary, reproductive and immune.

They are very specific and unique. Enzymes contain energy and the enzymes work until that energy is exhausted. Metabolism is a complex series of chemical reactions and is present in all life processes. Without enzymes metabolism would occur far too slowly.

One researcher found ninety-eight enzymes working in the arteries. Since 1968, at least thirteen hundred enzymes have been identified.

A protein molecule in actuality is only the carrier of enzyme activity. In experiments described in Chemical Reviews (1933), the activity of one protein molecule was transferred over to another protein, leaving the original protein molecule lacking its original activity. This proves that an enzyme is the invisible activity or energy factor and not the protein molecule itself, in other words the protein molecule is the carrier of the enzyme activity.

Our bodies produce two types of enzymes; Digestive enzymes, which are responsible for:

Digestion of food

Assimilating food nutrients into our bodies

Eliminating nonessential and toxic ingredients in our food

and metabolic enzymes which are responsible for all biochemical reactions in each and every cell in our bodies. These biochemical reactions provide energy for seeing, hearing, thinking, moving, breathing, in other words, allows us to live. A third type of enzyme is food enzymes.

As we become enzyme deficient the faster we will age. The more enzymes we store up in reserve the healthier we will be.